Nashville-Based Hip Hop Artist Z. SMITH Releases New Single “Sweet Tooth”

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Nashville-based artist Z. SMITH releases his anticipated new single Sweet Tooth. You can stream the new single by clicking here.

A very literal sweet himself, Z. SMITH knows all too well the dynamic between something that’s pretty bad for your health and the need to have more of it.

As he flows over producer Austin Shawn’s bouncy instrumental of kicks, flutes, and electric guitar, the Nashville-based rapper describes this same predicament, but this time an overly excited lady-friend now has the sugar craving and he finds himself to be the candy.

Coming from the West side of Cincinnati, Ohio, hip-hop/rap artist Z. SMITH currently pursues a career of bringing hip-hop music to the surface of the Music City that is Nashville, Tennessee. On March 13th of 2020, Z. SMITH released his 13-track album Scorched on all streaming platforms.

You can learn more about Z. SMITH by visiting his website and following him on all social media platforms.