My First Musical Memory with Future Thieves

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Future Thieves – Elliot Collett, Austin McCool, and Nick Goss – have created a signature style carved out of rock ‘n’ roll tradition yet anchored in modern 21st-century production architecture. Merging pop ambition and handcrafted grit, the Nashville-based trio cemented this foundation on their 2019 independent EP. Their song “Horizon Line” has over 1 million streams on Spotify, and the band has garnered attention from the likes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Team COCO, Billboard, Alternative Press, and more. They have also graced the stages of top festivals such as Bonnaroo, Summfest, SXSW and Forecastle. In the end, Future Thieves craft music that defies genre boundaries and eras and echoes with timeless spirit all the same. To support their upcoming EP, we asked the guys to share their first musical memory.

“My first music memory is singing 90s country bangers with my dad in an old, white ‘92 Ford F-150. He could sing his lungs out and I always thought that was so cool. I guess I was probably like 4 or 5. Those were the days!” -Elliot

“I remember a couple things and I’m not sure which was first. My mom loves Vince Gill, who doesn’t? and she would play his vinyl in the house all the time, especially his holiday record when it was that time of year. I remember how much more calm the house was when the usual was my two brothers and I causing a scene.

The other memory revolves around baseball. My dad coached me when I was young and we played a lot through the summer. After every game, he would roll the windows down and just absolutely blare music. John Fogerty’s live Premonition album, Aerosmith Toys in the Attic, Boston, Heart, etc. Felt like the coolest mf’er on the planet and I may have been.” -Nick

“My first music memory would probably be from whenever I was probably 5 or so. My two younger brothers and I would throw on Jock Jams Vol. 1 or a Michael Jackson record and pretend we were performing the songs. My parents would move all the furniture and film us dancing and trying to do stunts off the couches. I look back on some of those old videos, and you can definitely tell that I was ready to ham it up for an audience.” -Austin

Future Thieves will be releasing their new EP, Emotional Cost, on November 22nd