Messenger Down Album Review!

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Messenger Down released their first EP last year “The Gentlemen’s Guide to Keeping Away From People Like You” which really sparked up some attraction to a fan base landing them a gig in their hometown of Charlotte, NC on the Vans Warped Tour. The band is ending their 2014 year with their sophomore debut “What Should Have Been Said”.
This is the first album I’ve listened to by Messenger Down and it’s filled with 7 songs that have a similar pop rock sound like All Time Low and We the Kings but not as heavy as Of Mice and Men.  I am a fan of the percussion in the songs.  The drums are heavy and fast in each song except for the song “Swollen Eyes For Butterflies”.   I can already tell that this is going to be the song that everyone tries to learn on acoustic guitar and make 100 YouTube covers of.
The album is full of energy and I can tell that the band is young and really trying to make a name for themselves.  I applaud them on all their effort and I can tell how much time they spent putting this album together.  The instruments are very in sync and they know the sound they are going for.  We hope to see more from Messenger Down in the future!  You can listen to their new album on their Soundcloud here.
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