Megan & Liz Girl Up! Review

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If you haven’t heard of Megan & Liz already, you will. They will take the world and music industry by storm.  With over ONE MILLION Youtube subscribers and millions upon millions of views the girls just finished up their first headlining U.S. tour.   We got invited to interview the girls for a third time, the first on their promotional FYE tour, and the second at Macy’s Glamorama; it seems each time we see the girls they keep gaining momentum and their fan base.  Something inspiring about it all is that they have remained the same, besides some growing up and longer hair of course.  Right before we walked in to Trinity High School for the Girl Up event Megan & Liz met their fans, most of them wearing their newest merch; a white long sleeved shirt that says “Macer”.   The girls spent time with each fan rather than the just “hello and smile for the picture” they actually have a great relationship with their fans.  

We walked into a class room which was acting as their green room for the day, the girls stood up and as I was walking I said “I’m not sure if you remember me but” and before I could finish the girls did remember us giving us bear hugs asking how we were doing. This interview we had the most fan questions, EVER. My data on my cell phone was used up in the matter of a week with all of the tweets coming to my phone.  The tweets even continued during the interview!

The girls caught up with us and told us about their upcoming highly anticipated album that everyone can not wait to get their hands on.  They signed autographs for the fans we will be giving away (stay tuned follow and like us for the details!).  They asked if we were staying for the show and we left to go get seats.  Their mom in the hall looked at us and we started talking about the girls going home after.  They did a set and made it really interactive even spontaneously covering “Cups”.  The girls have come such a far way in the matter of a few years.  I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next and I can’t wait to review their album!

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