Mat & Savanna Shaw Gather the Whole Family for a Cozy Christmas Season in New Video

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Highlighting what’s really important during the Christmas season, father/daughter duo Mat & Savanna Shaw are celebrating the release of their music video for their new original song “Spending Christmas Together.” We caught up with the pair ahead of the holidays to discuss the inspiration behind the song, shooting the beautiful video and the release of their forthcoming, full-length album A Christmas We’ll Remember coming this Friday, November 24. Check it out below and be sure to watch the music video featuring the full Shaw family now. 

Known for their uplifting music, the duo, who rose to fame during the pandemic via a social media cover of “The Prayer,” have been praised by Kelly Clarkson, Good Morning America, The New York Times and many more for their harmonies and heartfelt music. With “Spending Christmas Together” their beloved family dynamic is on full display, and made for easy shooting when it came to improvisation. “The snowball fight was very real and very competitive,” they shared with us, “In fact, if you watch Mat closely after the snowball fight, you’ll see a little snow on the side of his head still there after Savanna hit a bullseye with a snowball.” 

The snow was a bonus for the video shoot that was shot in their home state of Utah this October, “we got a snowstorm one weekend that was very unusual for that time of year,” they explained. “We decided right then to rush up the mountain for a last-minute video shoot so we could have some snow.” Alongside the snow, the video is made extra special with the cameos of all the Shaw family members — something that really echos the true meaning of Christmas for the duo. “There are so many things that make Christmas a special time of year, but all those things wouldn’t matter as much if we couldn’t share them with the ones we love the most. The song captures that emotion so well.”

“Spending Christmas Together” is one of four original songs that made the cut for the Christmas record which also features many classic favorites. “For the first time, we have included 4 original songs on the album,” the duo proudly shared, “it also has reimagined classic songs we all love, some of our personal favorite Christmas songs, and some incredibly talented collaborations.”  Known for their impressive and personal renditions of popular songs, the original cuts are the latest way that Mat & Savanna are expanding their artistry and range. 

Upon the release of the album on Friday, which is available for pre-save here, the duo will be taking the songs on the road for their annual A Shaw Family Christmas tour hitting Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Boise and more! The dates and ticket information can be found here

Pre-Order/Pre-Save A Christmas We’ll Remember here.

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