Marie B. & The Raccoon Cover “Mood”

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Our favorite Frenchies Marie B. & The Raccoon have released their first cover of 2021, and we are LOVING it!

The pair put their own twist on 24kGoldn and iann dior’s “Mood” and released their very first music video to go along the cover.

“We put our own little twist on it at the end, picturing what the woman on the other end could answer,” the pair shared of Instagram. “Here is how it goes :
“Boy you know it ain’t a mood,
You f***** it up, acting all cool,
Controlling me is what you do,
But now you’re overruled,
Baby i’m done with your rules,
My life is better without you.”

Marie B. & The Raccoon paired up with photographer Jeremy Denon & graphic designer Aimée Vermeren for the video of the cover, that was shot in Bordeaux, France.

Since the release of their 7-track debut EP From Dusk Till Dawn back in September 2019, the pair has been hard at work, regularly releasing quick covers on Instagram to keep their growing fanbase entertained.

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