EXCLUSIVE: Louis Knight Interview

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Stage Right Secrets caught up with Louis Knight to discuss his latest single, time on American Idol, and what’s next. Read our exclusive interview with Louis below.

Congrats on “Maybe That,” what went into creating the song?

Thank you! It’s the self reflection a year after a relationship has ended. One person has moved on and the other hasn’t. In this case that was me haha. I just wrote it at my piano one evening. I had been going through these thoughts and feelings about what I could have done differently or if there was something I could’ve done to save the relationship, and it all just came out in an hour really.

You have new music coming this summer, what can you tell us about that?

My next single, “Twisted Conversations” is coming out on July 6th! I’m so excited to get this song out! It’s kind of another love song, but way more fun and upbeat. One new year’s eve, my good friend’s sister and I ended up kissing, which didn’t go down too well with him. This song’s about the idea of two people wanting to be together but there’s something in the way.


Can we expect an EP or album?

I’m working on an album in the long term! But as of now, I’m planning to release a single every other month!

You did amazing on American Idol, what was the biggest piece of advice you took from your time on the show?

Thank you so much! I think more than anything, just to persevere and keep singing from my heart. There were a lot of testing moments, especially in Hollywood Week, where I was so sleep deprived, I started packing my bag thinking I just couldn’t handle it. After being calmed down by the production team, and my manager I ended up giving what I believe my most raw performance, which was “Hold Me While You Wait” by Lewis Capaldi. Those are the moments that matter the most. You never know how to sail through a hurricane until you do it.

After making it through the audition, aside from your family in attendance, who was the first person you called or told about it?

I think I called my best friend Jared! That day was honestly just such a blur of excitement and emotion.

Along with Idol, you’ve performed live streams at home, what goes into creating a performance from home? What differs from a typical concert?

I honestly learned so much from the home performances with Idol. The lighting, set design, audio engineering, and directing/filming. We were essentially producing our own segments of the show, going back and forth with the producers and director on zoom!

It’s definitely different in the sense that there’s no live audience, but I think that’s also a great challenge. You have to try and connect as much as you can to the camera.

With the pandemic, do you find it easier or harder to be creative while at home?

I think it’s definitely easier. There’s so much more time for self reflection which really helps me start the writing process. Writing is really therapeutic for me, so I’m so grateful to have that outlet.


What have you been doing to pass the time? 

I’ve started getting back to writing which I’m really excited about, as I didn’t really have the time while I was on Idol. I’ve been cooking, and trying to perfect smoothies haha. I’ve also been working out a lot, as it’s really good for my mental health 🙂

We saw your new puppy! Tell us all about her and how you got the name Poppy.

She’s amazing! My mum and sister have been trying to persuade us all to get a new dog and we finally gave in haha! Poppy’s a Border Collie, and 9 weeks old! My sister’s name is Daisy, and my mum always wanted a “daisy” and “poppy” in the house haha, so this was only fitting!

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