Live CD/DVD Release Scheduled for The Used!

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Now that you’re all excited to see The Used this spring (Yes, in 2016 not 2006!), you should be equally as pumped to hear that the band will be releasing a CD/DVD bundle called Live & Acoustic at The Palace.  There will be FOUR different bundles to choose from, each bundle including at least two of the items: Live & Acoustic At The Palace CD/DVD, Photo Pack, Live & Acoustic At The Palace Opaque Cream on Opaque Vintage Classic Black Vinyl (limited to 1,000), Play Bill from the acoustic show, 12×12 screen print poster, and a black t-shirt with the marquee from the acoustic.

This performance at The Palace was recorded last month in Los Angeles for lucky fans who were able to watch The Used perform in a whole new way!  Their set included a string quartet and harpist, a piano player, percussion, and a three-piece gospel choir!  They definitely will not be bringing that all on the road, so this CD/DVD is the only chance you’ll be able to see this unique performance for the band.

Track Listing

  1. Tunnel
  2. The Taste of Ink
  3. Yesterday’s Feelings
  4. Lunacy Fringe
  5. The Bird And The Worm
  6. Paralyzed
  7. All That I’ve Got
  8. Overdose
  9. Blue And Yellow
  10. Hard To Say
  11. Imagine (John Lennon Cover)
  12. On My Own


You have to pre-order this album now on their website, even though the wait until the April 1st release date may be like “holding your breath half to death”.