Lights Announces New Music And Comic Book

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The princess of electro-pop, Lights, gave us a double whammy of announcements! Not only will she have a new album out in the fall, titled “Skin & Earth” but she also has a comic book series by the same title! We’ll be lucky enough to get our first taste of the comic next month in May when an introduction is released digitally and the first official issue July 12. If that wasn’t enough, each issue will include NEW MUSIC! WooHoo!!

“I feel my whole life has lead up to a project like this. It’s a complete convergence of everything I love – music, comics, post-apocalyptic romance, crystals, wine and powerful ladies, all perfectly entwined. It’ll be by far my most care-free and fierce album yet. I think now, more than ever, people need a reason to listen to a whole record, and this is mine.” Lights comments.