Krewella Exclusive Interview!

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This past summer we covered B96’s Summer Bash, one of the acts we met while in passing was Krewella.  Our intern Ashley got the chance to talk to the trio about life on the road, latest album, and Chicago.   Most of our followers wanted to know about the origin of your band name, “Jahan came up with the name back when we started in 2007 and she never thought twice about it.  It’s unique and memorable, not much more of a backstory than that!”  The three met in high school and formed in 2007.

Inspiration comes from different artists such as Linkin Park, The Cure, System of a Down, Incubus, Skrillex, Netsky, and Fall Out Boy.  When asked about their passion for EDM music “We started off with inspirations such as The Faint and Chromeo back in 2007, and we made music quite reminiscent of that indie dance pop era. Slowly as we progressed over the years and tried to find our identity and sound, Kris’ metal influence snuck into the music, make the drops harder and the music in general more driving. We didn’t put ourselves into any genre, but after we released our first songs, the blogosphere on the internet labeled us as EDM.”

Growing up in Chicago their favorite and most memorable places to perform is “anywhere in our hometown.”   When asked about life on the road “It’s equally as exhilarating as it is exhausting, but truly the most rewarding experience as an artist because you get to meet and rage with all of the people that support your music.”  One question I wanted to know for myself was what the meaning of their album name was, “It embodies everything we stand for. Physically and figuratively “getting wet” and being free. The album was a culmination of the last 2 years and it felt appropriate to name the album our defining slogan.”

On their unforgettable tour memory they said “We just ended The Get Wet Live Tour in our home city of Chicago and it was 5,000 krew and us raging and more sweaty than ever in the most gorgeous venue, The Aragon (also a nostalgic place for us since we’ve been attending shows at that venue since we were kids).”  They told us they absolutely plan on doing music for as long as they can. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!