Kiian Debuts and Talks New Single “Beverly Hell”!

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Musicians tend to represent others and themselves through their music, message and style. Kiian is just the person to shine a light on the youthful souls that are roaming this planet. His music represents him as an artist and relates to many. “Beverly Hell” can easily be an anthem for a variety of people – it’s catchy and colorful, perfect for today’s dreamers.

We caught up with Kiian and asked about “Beverly Hell”, his message to his supporters and more!


1) Your music seems to represent the new generation very well! How do you come up with a song that just relates to people so well?

I think it’s really about being totally authentic and unapologetic with my writing. I don’t have a filter and I write about my life and things that inspire me. I think it relates to people so well because it’s not forced or marketed. I’m just me, and everything I want to say I put into my music.


2) Your style is bold and fashion forward. What is your go to accessory and how did you figure out your sense of style?

I think always having a good bag is important. I always have to have a bag with me because I usually leave the house with a few things and it’s just easier for me to keep track of my stuff. Plus, I think a good bag completes a look. I think for me, I’ve always just worn what I wanted, said what I wanted, did what I wanted, so with fashion I never felt like “Oh, this is too much” I just go with my gut and if I fuck with it, I’ll wear it. I don’t go around asking “Is this ok? Is this too much, etc” because I’m an artist and I don’t ever want to do anything unauthentic to me and my brand because what kind of example would that be for my fans. If i’m gonna preach to them to be themselves, I sure as hell have to be myself too, no filter, no apologies. If you like it and it makes you feel good wear it, people are always gonna talk so fuck them. Do you, and do what makes you happy and feels authentic in your soul.


3) Your new single “Beverly Hell” is coming out, what do you hope people take from it? Also, why is it your first single from your project?

I hope that people listen to the lyrics of the song, because although it is a pop record, the song is about an illusion of this “perfect” life that people thought I and a lot of my peers had and how really, it isn’t so perfect after all. I hope it showcases the dark side of this “Paradise” everyone thought I lived in, but is equally healing because of the authenticity of the record. It’s unfiltered, real and a pop song about how everything may seem pretty on the outside, but underneath the curtains shit can get a little messy. I also wrote the song as a metaphor for my mental state, I became comfortable in my anxiety and depression, and from the outside people thought I had it all, but I was battling a war inside my head. It’s a pop song about being stuck in this life that everyone thinks is so amazing, but really it’s hell and finding your way back home to your roots. I chose it as the first single from the EP because I felt out of all the tracks on the project, Beverly Hell captured the overall concept of the EP and I thought it was the best introduction as Kiian to the world.


4) Your EP will be following your single later this year, how did the project come about?

The EP actually came about in a really tumultuous time in my life. I was battling really bad anxiety, depression, and OCD and when I was 19 I spent a week disconnecting from everything at a sober living home in LA following a three week outpatient program. When I was staying at the sober living home, I met another artist who introduced me to BRAVES. I wrote each song on the EP in 15-20 mins, we would cut it in about the same time, and we did a song a day for a week and those 5 songs ended up turning into “BEVERLY HELL: Pt. 1”.


5) What was your favorite song to create?

I think my favorite song to create was probably a song on the EP called “Don’t Say It” because it was the most emotional song on the project. It felt really therapeutic when I finished that song, because it was kind of my way of getting over someone I was infatuated with and letting them go.

6) Who are some artists you look up to and why?

I would say my favorite artists are Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey because of how authentic they are as artists and the connection they established with their fan base. Everything either of them do always strikes a nerve, is raw, unapologetic, and they aren’t afraid to say what they want with their art. Whether its sonically, visually, or thematically I feel like these two woman have shaped me as an artist and inspired me more than anyone else in my life.


7) You wrote, “Fame”, which was your first song. Looking back how has your perspective on music and writing changed?

When I was around 13, I remember I was super inspired by Lady Gaga and her debut album so I wrote a song about the fascination society has with the superstar, and the demise of them. I used to purchase beats from YouTube and write songs inspired by Lady Gaga, and various other artists that I began to admire at the time, which led to my own musical self-discovery.


8) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I hope to still be making music, touring, maybe finally be in a relationship, who knows. I take it day to day, but I want to continue to make music and connect with people as long as I can.


9) Aside from music, what other creative outlets or fields interest you?

I love writing, I mean that’s still in the realm of music, but really any writing. I obviously love to write songs, but I also love poetry.


10) Last but not least, what do you have to say to your supporters?

I would just like to say thank you so much for your support, and everything I am doing is for you. I hope I can inspire you to be the strongest, best version of yourself and love that person. I hope my music can give you some light in dark times, and inspire you to follow your dreams too.