Adaline Talks Music, LA and Her Message To Women!

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Music has a way of moving people, it can perfectly explain a feeling of love or even nostalgia. Adaline takes the feeling of “Nostalgia” to a new level. Her voice finds the balance between delicate and powerful.
Adaline just released “Nostalgia” and to celebrate we grabbed a few words with the songstress herself. Check out our interview and read all about her visits to Los Angeles, her message to women, when her interest in music started and more below!

1) You’re currently working on your craft in Los Angeles but you’re originally from Canada, what was the biggest difference you noticed between the two?
When I first got to LA it was a couple days before the election so I suppose the most noticeable difference was how politically charged the environment was.  I live downtown LA across from Pershing Square which is a major hub for political rallies and marches.  One morning I woke up and heard this voice outside my window and I thought “Is that the voice of Bernie Sanders?”  Sure enough it was.  I took the elevator down and was able to watch him talk about Proposition 61.  It was pretty surreal.
2) Your latest song “Entertainer” is definitely more upbeat than “Younger Days”, do you think your sound has changed in that year difference?
I’ve always had an eclectic sound.  I think there is a cohesive vibe in my music but I try not to get stuck in writing the same style.  It starts to feel stale.  I love writing uptempo songs just as much as ballads.  I kind of need to be able to explore in order to feel like I’m growing and expressing myself fully as an artist.
3) To you personally, what “Entertainer” mean?
Entertainer is an anthem of personal value.  It’s a statement of unwillingness to be objectified or used for someone’s entertainment.
4) What has been your favorite song to write this far in your career?
Entertainer was fun to write because we wrote it as a sort of writing experiment.  My producer and I chose a key and a time signature and spent the day writing apart.  The next day he played what he had written and I hopped in the vocal booth and sang what I had written and they lined up perfectly.  The song was never changed after that.
5) How would you describe your music in 3 words?
Moody, melodic, torch-pop
6) Listening to your music we can see that you draw inspiration from more than one genre, what’s your go to artist to listen to and why?
I have so many go-to artists but most of them are not contemporary.  They are artists who shaped me and changed my life.  Like Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Tori Amos.
7) What message do you have for women getting into the music industry?
If they find the production aspect interesting I would strongly encourage them to get in the practice of recording and producing their own music, even if just for demo purposes.  We are starting to see women in more areas of music that were always very dominated by men, like producers, engineers, mixers, live sound.  The more women in these fields the better!  Diversity always makes for a better working environment.
8) What was the definitive moment when you realized you wanted to do music?
I was working at a Greek restaurant and was incredibly unhappy because I wanted so badly to have a career songwriting but I was afraid and had no idea how to get started.  So I quit my job and threw a sort of fundraiser/silent auction concert where I played my songs for the first time and raised money to live off of and just hit the ground running.  It was terrifying but life changing.
9) Can we expect a music video for “Entertainer” any time soon?
I have a live music video that just came out for Entertainer that you can find on Youtube.  As far as an official video, it’s definitely in the works.
10) Aside from music, what’s something else you enjoy doing?
I love being on the water.  So at the beach or preferably on a boat.  I’m a Scorpio but I’m definitely a water baby.