KARMIN Review 7/14/13

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With thunderstorms rolling in above Cinncanti’s Riverbend Music Center, Karmin was about to take the stage. Fiancées  Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan came onto a stage with a full backup band.  Last year, I saw the for the first time at Macy’s Glamorama fashion show. Since then, they’ve upped the ante on their stage performance by adding a live guitar, bass, and drums. Due to all the recent success of their latest hit “Acapella,” most of the crowd knew every word.  As their set continued, the people sitting in the lawn started to get drenched by the pouring rain, but they braved the storm and enjoyed the rest of their set.

My mother who did not know Karmin beforehand was completely blown away by Amy’s ability to rap so quickly and fiercely for their cover of “Look At Me Now” originally performed by Chris Brown. The security guards and stagehands even turned around with mouths wide open with amazement that this tiny girl with such a powerful voice. The two announced their highly anticipated first full-length studio album, “Pulses,” due out later this fall.  Brokenhearted was easily the crowd favorite with everyone singing along including another security guard. Overall their energy and combined harmonies created a great experience for the fans and the crowd loved every second of it.

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