Rising Songwriter Jennifer Lauren Releases New Video “Kingdome Come”

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Rising Canadian singer-songwriter Jennifer Lauren has just released the music video for her new single, “Kingdom Come.”

Since she participated and won a 6-week intensive program/competition in Los Angeles, CA a couple of years ago, Jennifer Lauren has released a handful of singles, each one better than the last. The artist has been working non-stop on her music and is now back with a new track, “Kingdom Come”.

The song marks the artist’s third single of the year, following “Imposter” and “No Use.”

To celebrate the release, we asked the artist to tell us all about the creative process of the song.


Jennifer Lauren: I bought the track for “Kingdom Come” from an amazing producer called Sighost. A few months ago my co-writer Miranda Boutros and I met up for the first time on FaceTime to write for the first time and we listened to a bunch of tracks and really vibed with this one. The track was originally called “Throne” and we both really felt that energy with this track. And this one moment that I LOVE from so many shows and movies I’ve seen (hi, I’m a professional binge-watcher) where the protagonist makes their comeback and the antagonist’s stupid cocky smile (you know, the one you wanna punch off?) falters and they realized they lost.

And Kingdom Come was born and finished after two sessions. This is the first time that I have felt this confident with one of my songs. Don’t get me wrong I love every single one of my songs, but this one is eeeeeverything I’ve ever wanted in a song. Fierce, dark, confident, courageous, and just badass. It was also my first time writing and doing music since the pandemic started. It was pretty therapeutic. And the recording sessions was cathartic. Oh man. When we finally got into the studio it was like pouring a year of no singing into this one song. It felt amazing so be back in the studio doing what I love.

I’m someone who believes that it’s important to believe in what you’re putting out there. This was the first song that I didn’t ask a single person for their opinion. I have really heavy Imposter Syndrome, that’s how much I believe in it. It won first place in a sync songwriting contest (music for TV and movies) in a program I was part of this past year which was so cool to get that confirmation. This song could seriously be on TV and movies. So that’s the next step.



Growing up in Canada, Jennifer Lauren had always wanted to be a singer, but was “never confident enough to do anything about it because [she] didn’t look like Britney or Christina or the Pussycat Dolls”. It’s when she was 17 and a teacher asked her to think about what she wanted to do for the rest of her life that she booked her first vocal lesson.

After a few months of lessons, she signed up and won her very first of many contests: an online Camp Rock 2 singing contest, mentored by Disney’s very own Matthew ‘Mdot’ Finley. “That was my first music video, my first recording, my first performance. I was hooked.”

Jennifer Lauren continued her journey into music by participating in more contests, showcases and workshops, until she was accepted into a 6-week intensive program/competition in Los Angeles. As one of the winners, she got to work with people in the industry and record in major studios. “I still remember the morning after I recorded at Henson Studios and Nick Jonas posted a video in the exact same studio,” the artist shared. “Weird full circle Camp Rock moment.”

Since then, the singer-songwriter has released a dozen of tracks and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. “Little by little I’m growing my fanbase and falling more in love with music and who I get to be in music. It’s the dream and goal I will never give up on. My purpose, you know? I’m figuring out who I am as I step into it further and shaping up who I want to be.”

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