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Jamie Lynn Spears Review at Joe’s!

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It’s no surprise that Jamie Lynn Spears knew a thing or two about singing as older sister Britney has been in the industry since she was a teenager. Jamie Lynn is currently on tour as she breaks into the country music scene. Like most country stars, Jamie Lynn brought her talent to Joe’s on Weed Street in Chicago on Thursday, April 10th.

The evening started like most nights start at a country sports bar; Fireball shots being served upon entering; flannel shirts; country music videos on the TV screens and of course, beer in every hand. The first to perform was country artist Justin Adams. Adams took the stage cool and collected knowing exactly how to ‘woo’ the female audience members. With some pelvic thrusts he made the ladies wish they were his guitar. Adams was an excellent taste of country-meets-rock’n’roll; his high-energy performance kept the crowd entertained throughout his entire set. Upon finishing his set, Adams invited his fans to head over to his merch table to meet him and take some pictures.


As the stage got prepped for Jamie Lynn the buzz of the bar got larger; more people started pouring in through the doors to see the young country artist take the stage. As she took her place, there was uproar of cheers from the crowd; you could tell Jamie Lynn was taken aback from the amount of people in the bar. Jamie Lynn opened with “Shot Gun Wedding” which highlighted her Louisiana accent perfectly. As the show continued her country twang came out more and more. Six songs in Jamie Lynn sang a song, which was written about her older sister Britney, called “I Look Up To You.” She gave the audience a laugh when she said, “And this one is dedicated to Britney Bitch.” It was a heartfelt song with the lyrics pinpointing Jamie Lynn’s feelings and admiration for her big sister. Many of the songs Jamie Lynn sang brought tears to her eyes and also to the eyes of those watching her perform. That’s one of the most respectable things about Jamie Lynn; all of her music comes straight from her heart and is about those that she loves.

Jamie Lynn showed her funny side when she decided to do a cover. Her band started playing the start of “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Locked Out of Heaven” and finally Jamie Lynn sang “Won’t Back Down” and nailed it. Jamie Lynn wrapped up her set by singing “Miss Mississippi” and threw in a little “Oops I Did it Again” throwing back to her big sister. She was a crowd favorite and everyone went crazy over her Britney Spears cover. She brought the show to a close by announcing she would be signing autographs and taking pictures at her merch table for the remainder of the night.

Being a huge Jamie Lynn Spears fan from all the way back in her Zoey 101 days, it was an honor getting to meet her and talk to her for a bit. She was an excellent performer and I would recommend everyone to see her on the remaining days of her tour. Not only that, but she was a wonderful human being and one of the sweetest girls I have ever met.