Jack Conway Releases Powerful & Hopeful New Track “Calluses”

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Los Angeles’ own, Jack Conway is kicking off the new year with a powerful yet hopeful track, “Calluses”.

Giving consideration to the current circumstances we have been experiencing for the past year, Conway made sure to implement the metaphor of ‘callusing your mind’ – it’s a refreshing and uplifting track about the very different circumstances and experiences we have endured, especially throughout the last year, but showing that evidently these factors only make you stronger in the long-term.

“Calluses is the most personal track I’ve ever written. It was inspired by David Goggins, who talks about callusing your mind, just like how you can “callus” your hands – usually from rock climbing or weight-lifting. Calluses are formed through challenging experiences, but they make you a stronger person allowing you to go farther in life,” Jack Conway explains.

You can learn more about Jack Conway by visiting his website.