Imagine Dragons to Screen “Smoke and Mirrors Tour” March 2nd In Select Theaters

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Thursday night, I had the experience of all sound and concert experiences. I got to see Imagine Dragons “Smoke and Mirrors” tour shot in 4k with a new Dolby sound method. It was the most intense concert experience I’ve ever had and I wasn’t even there.

Maybe it was the impeccable sound coming through the speakers, or the fact that the Smoke and Mirrors Tour had a production like I’d never seen before, but something had my attention fixated on that screen from start to finish. Shot in Toronto on July 4th of last year, the movie brings you the sound, and the next-level experience of what a live show is. It’s a straight through live show with no gimmicks, just a great performance.

Imagine Dragons doesn’t just put on a show, they put on an experience, one that makes you forget your troubles and think “hey, I can sing along and let loose and not care” even sitting in a movie theater seat. I was amazed by the fact that this movie theater could bring me a live experience like I’ve never had before. I was personally really excited that I not only got to watch Imagine Dragons, but I got to see firsthand everything that tour and the live experience could be. There were smoke and lights, but the most intense experience of the show was the performance of “Radioactive.” I could not get enough of it, and I wanted to sit in the movie theater all night singing “Woah oh oh oh… Radioactive Radioactive.” Every song has it’s own lighting effects that seems to only enhance what you’re hearing, rather than overshadow it. The fact that all four members are able to be fluid with vocals and instruments as a live bad is also something you don’t see often anymore.

If the production and the sound blew me away, the talented musicians only added to my loss of reality. Dan Reynolds commands a stage in the most relaxed fluid way one can experience with a band of unfairly talented men behind him. For me, Wayne Sermon’s guitar solo during “Radioactive” pretty much destroyed all other guitar solos I’ve seen (and I’ve watched Slash play live) ever. It was an unparalleled surprise that had me wanting more. If they weren’t already on my list to see live, Imagine Dragons just jumped to the top.

If you didn’t catch Imagine Dragons on the Smoke and Mirrors Tour, check out their live performance movie of it out March 2nd in select theaters! It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.