ICYMI: Imagine Dragons release new song to assist with European refugee crisis

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Imagine Dragons has teamed up with Apple and the German-based software company SAP to release a new song, “I Was Me” to help with the current European refugee crisis. The song, which is currently only available through iTunes, is stripped down and very simple compared to Imagine Dragons’ usual sound. It’s a song that simplicity is an asset, though – there are no bells or whistles to distract you from the message. Proceeds from the song will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency to help those currently in need.

I know that personally, as a US citizen it’s easy to ignore the struggles happening in the rest of the world (we’re not a perfect country, after all, and have so many struggles of our own) so I admire Imagine Dragons’ initiative to help bring awareness to what is happening in Europe. To find out more about what is going on and how you can help, check out the video below!