Hidden Messages and References In Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” Music Video

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Just like every other Swiftie out there I was so excited for this music video, basically Christmas morning. The first time watching the video I did see a few hidden messages and references but once I took to Twitter Swifties found A TON. Taylor Swift- you are one incredibly thoughtful person who puts a lot of effort into videos.

  • The first scene in the graveyard has NILS SIOBERG on one of the headstones, that was the pen name she used to co-write “This Is What You Came For”.
  • The bathtub scene features only one dollar, the dollar she sued the radio DJ for her sexual assault case.
  • The snake scene features snakes holding a cup of tea, people used both emojis when speaking about Taylor.
  • The throne in the snake scene features “et tu brute” which is Latin for “Even you Brutus?” from the Julius Caesar play by Shakespeare.
  • You see Taylor in a vault what looks like she’s robbing something, if you look close it says Stream Co. along with streaming a few seconds later.
  • The media criticized Taylor for making a “squad” of skinny model girls that looked “fake and plastic”, and Taylor dedicated a scene to robot plastic models with the words Squad on the screens.
  • In the dancing scene she had eight male dancers that all “fell” for her, she also has eight ex-boyfriends.
  • The dancing scene also featured a “butt grab” in reference to her sexual assault case.
  • The car crash scene allegedly could be in reference to Katy Perry, donning similar hair and holding a Grammy- something Katy “has been after”.
  • At 4:08 you see a #13 airport hangar, her infamous favorite number.
  • In the last scene there are fifteen versions of Taylor throughout the years and eras and there are fifteen songs on her upcoming album Reputation.
  • Almost every joke or dig at Taylor she used in the last scene.
  • The version of Taylor that says I’ll edit it later allegedly could be in reference to Kim Kardashian editing together the Snapchat videos of her phone recording with Kanye.
  • Her “You Belong With Me” self features her Junior Jewels shirt with her friends names on it.
  • Taylor called her other self a “bitch” and the other self said not to call her that, possibly referencing Kanye West’s lyrics “I made that bitch famous”.

We’ll be updating this post with more fan theories and findings!

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