Hey Monea Drops New Album

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Ohio-based American rock band, Hey Monea just released their newest album this week! The band locked themselves away in a Florida cabin to write, record, and self-produce their latest record, The Fifty.

The record is meant to serve as a hearty homage to the United States. Frontman Dan Monea says the record was influenced by the American Spirit because ” not only is the American landscape the backdrop for our lives, it’s the inspiration as well. With every new city comes different food, different culture, different nature, and most importantly different people who live entirely unique lives.”

The Fifty is available now on iTunes and Spotify.


The Fifty: Track Listing
1- Filthy Rich
2 – Save Me
3- Buenos Noches
4 – Lost at Sea
5 – Ghetto Family
6 – Honey Do
7 – Number One
8 – Pennies
9 – The Fifty