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Handguns Review!

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Opening the Love Like War tour was a band that was clearly not known very well to the audience by the name of Handguns.  Although the majority of the crowd did not know who they were, they did, however, enjoy them.  From the moment they stepped on stage, they had an energy that had the entire crowd moving along to their music, while most of them did not know many words to their songs. 

Both the band and audience seemed to be engaged throughout the entire set and not for one moment did they have any intentions of slowing down.  They played plenty of songs off their full-length album Angst, which really interested the crowd.Their stage presence alone will make anyone want to go home and take a listen to their music without the screaming of fans muffling the sound.  Handguns was easily a perfect crowd pleaser to warm up the crowd for the remaining bands to follow.