Goo Goo Dolls Interview

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Jacklyn got the opportunity to talk to Robby of the Goo Goo Dolls and find out all about their new album, tour, and more!

New album magnetic in love which song did it take the longest to write or record?

It took probably about a year to record John was bouncing between NYC and LA once he had a song together and we’d fly out. Four years happened pretty quick this time.

Was this recording experience the same as your previous album?

 It was a different way of going about it, the first record all songs were done at the same time working on them work in progress for a year and a half and it got to be strenuous and stressful. This record we worked on song by song we’d finish each song before we moved to the next we would focus on each track rather than worry about this huge mess of a lot of song

Are you guys going to balance your setlist with new music and classics?

Yeah it gets harder and harder every year we’re doing 80 minutes 14-15 songs we figure majority preference cover most of the hits and play new songs from the new album some deeper album cuts.


We saw you guys surprise everyone at CMA fest with Angie Johnson what made you chose Angie to duet with?

It was fun Angie came in the day before went through rehearsed and she soundchecked with national anthem, she’s pretty badass.

How was your Nashville experience?

I love Nashville we go there a lot actually music city starting to boom with music industry.


John wants to know where do you guys see yourselves in five years?

I don’t know I try not to look too much further the next year and a half we’ll group up pull another record together.

I know you’ve been all around the world but where is one place you haven’t played that you’d like to in the future?

Never been to South East Asia, it’s fascinating. Jakarta and Philippines too. Sound like fun

Who are some newer musicians and artists you’re liking right now?

I like Japanese punk rock, I’m the bad one to ask. Cornelius is electronic music design which is pretty awesome. I’ve also been taking Japanese lessons which have been difficult.

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