Fresh Off The Boat’s Luna Blaise Drops Debut Single “Over You”

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Luna Blaise is only fifteen and she has already been in a James Franco movie, modeled for ten years, worked with a Kennedy towards activism, and stars on a hit network television series. What could be next? Music!


SRS:  Congratulations on your début single!

“Thank you!”

SRS:  Should we be expecting either an EP or full length album in the future?

“I have been in the studio since last summer and I am so excited to share the music with everyone. You can expect an EP this year.”

SRS:  How would you describe your style of music?

“Airy Electronic Pop”

SRS:  Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

“I absolutely love The Beatles, Sam Cooke, John Mayer, Alessia Cara”

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SRS:  What do you hope people take away from your music?

“I hope that people take away the honesty and truth behind the music. I am a fifteen year old girl going through all the same things that every teenage girl goes through. I am discovering myself and starting to learn about love, life and all the crazy things in between.”

SRS:  How do you balance your career, personal life and school? Do you ever sleep?!

“Wow! That is a great question. First let me say I am a heavy sleeper so hopefully I am getting a good nights rest while sleeping. I am homeschooled so I do 3 hours of school in the morning and then I have the rest of the day to work on the things I love most. My parents are both artists and we are an out of the box family. They have always encouraged and supported me in all my endeavors  I was raised with the mentality that success comes from believing in yourself, working hard, staying focused, motivated and determined. As an artist I am constantly creating, I am an independent thinker and I feel this has allowed me the freedom to be a creative in every aspect of my life. I have fun and I love it. As for my personal life, I spend time with my childhood friends that are not in the business as well as my amazing professional friends. We shop, go to the movies, bowl and talk about how we will change the world. Somehow it all balances out very naturally.”


SRS:  You’ve said in the past you’d love to direct and your father is a filmmaker. Would you ever do a project together?

“I would definitely direct if the right opportunity presented itself to me. My dad is a very talented filmmaker, we bounce ideas off each other all the time. We are actually working on an upcoming project together right now.”


SRS:  Season 3 of Fresh Off The Boat! WooHoo! How would you like your character to progress in the future?

I would love the writers to explore the relationship between Nicole and Honey more.

SRS: We love that you’re a massive philanthropist! Why is breast cancer awareness and environmental preservation so important to you?

I lost a very close family member to breast cancer two years ago. She was only 35. She had zero breast cancer in her family history. I strongly believe that the chemicals in the environment caused her cancer. Chemicals in food, beauty products, household cleaning supplies, chemicals being dumped in our oceans literally destroying people’s lives and our eco system which is one of the reasons I am such a huge advocate for clean water and the environment as a whole. We have to work together to keep our body of waters clean, and save our environment. Our lives and our future depend on it.