Five Years of Fashionably Late

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No doubt some of you were fans of four gentlemen named Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee and Alexander Noyes, who together made up the band known as Honor Society. The group started in New York in 2006, with Noyes joining in 2007 after drumming for the Jonas Brothers. Together the four put out various singles, CDs, and EPs in their time as a band and were a part of many tours – opening for the Jonas Brothers World Tour, Allstar Weekend’s Summer of Love Tour, and a few shows of Timbaland’s Shock Value II Tour as well as multiple headlining tours. Rosen departed the band in 2012 for a new project, but the other three continued together until late in 2013, when it was announced over social media that the group would split for good.

The four were known and loved by many for their goofy YouTube videos, hilarious live chats, catchy tunes, and the very special bond they had with their fans.

As of today, it’s been five years since Honor Society released their first full-length album, Fashionably Late. In both celebration and remembrance, Stage Right Secrets put together an Honor Society Spotify playlist. While Fashionably Late itself is no longer available on Spotify or iTunes, we included some of our favorite songs of theirs from over the years. Give it a listen below.