Festivals to Attend at the End of 2014

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There’s only four months left of 2014, but the festival season isn’t over yet! Being the broke college graduate (and recently broke college student) that I am, I have always loved the idea of festivals. However, I don’t like the idea of spending that much money. BUT if I had unlimited funds and the ability to travel across the country for free, these are the festivals I would check out the rest of this year! Also, as you can probably tell from the list, I’m a bit partial to EDM festivals – every time I see some sort of promo or video of them they just look like fun.
Mystik Sanctuary, Oklahoma City, OK – Genre: EDM
Catskill Chill, Hancock, NY – Genre: Jam/Rock
Loufest, St. Louis, MO – Genre: Various
Dancefestopia, Kansas City, MO – Genre: EDM
Riot Fest, Chicago, IL – Genre: Punk/Rock
Forever Never Land, San Luis Obispo, CA – Genre: Rock
Life Is Beautiful, Las Vegas, NV – Genre: Various – BEING COVERED BY SRS
Something Wicked, Houston, TX – Genre: EDM
Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans, LA – Genre: Various
Hard Day of the Dead, Los Angeles, CA – Genre: EDM
Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando, FL – Genre: EDM
Snowglobe, South Lake Tahoe, CA – Genre: Various
Are you guys attending any of these, or any that I didn’t include? Let us know @stagerights, and be sure to follow us for coverage on Chicago’s Riot Fest and Life Is Beautiful! You won’t want to miss it!