Falling Whistles Feature!

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The whistle blows and all goes quiet. It’s a signal, a sign – for everything to stop.

The idea began in 2008 when Sean Carasso traveled to eastern Congo in a time of war and met five young soldiers. The national army was holding them as prisoners, because they, like so many, had tried to escape the war. As Sean talked to the boys, one boy told him that children who were too young to carry guns were sent to the frontlines, armed with only a whistle.

Sean and a friend worked with the UN to have the boys release and then he went home and wrote the Falling Whistles journal. A single story of a single day. He shared the journal with friends and family who sent it around the world. Then, strangers began reaching out to Sean and asking him what they could do to help.  When Sean came back to the U.S., his friend Marcus gave him a whistle on a chain. This whistle became their mark. They started selling whistles and asking everyone to be a whistleblower for peace.

With more people spreading the world, they launched a campaign for peace in Congo.

The organization now has over 100,000 whistleblowers around the world in just the five years that it has been around. There are 30 Whistler Societies, 200 retailers, and 9 Congolese entrepreneurs living in the war region that are all a part of this campaign for peace.

If you want to join this campaign, visit or check out @FallingWhistles.

The whistle blows and all goes quiet. It’s a signal, a sign – for everything to stop. For violence to end and for peace to spread.

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