Exclusive: To Whom It May Talk New Music And Touring

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Proud Texas Jonathan Jourdan, Robb Mars and Dexas Villarreal recently took over our Instagram  and will soon to be doing the same to the rock and roll scene. They are To Whom It May, and we’d like to say to whomever it may concern that they are kinda sorta awesome.

SRS: First off, thanks for taking over our Instagram! Did you have fun?

TWIM: We had a great time! It was fun to give you guys a window into being on tour with us, thanks for letting us hang!


SRS: So what is the story behind the name To Whom It May?

TWIM: We wanted an ambiguous name that we could make our own but sort of felt familiar, To Whom It May felt right.

SRS: How did you each get into music?

TWIM: We’ve grown up listening and playing music together, it’s a part of every aspect of our lives. We love everything from prog and metal to jazz and funk.

SRS: Tell us about your new video for “The Signal Fire”.

TWIM: It was filmed by our buddy Jacob Miles while we were on tour with Candlebox. It captures life on the road with us, and our live show. We’re really happy with the final version. Check it out on Vevo.com!

SRS: We hear your first full length album will be titled “The Great Filter”. When can we expect that to be released?

TWIM: We’re hoping to have it out by late spring 2018!

SRS: How has your music evolved from EP to LP?

TWIM: It is a natural evolution from the EP. We aimed at expanding our sound on the LP, it feels like it all really lives together really well.

SRS: What do you hope people take away from your music?

TWIM: We want to make people think and feel. Nothing is more important to us than taking the listener on a ride.

SRS: Can we expect more tour dates in the future from you lot?

TWIM: YES! We’ve got a lot of fun stuff in the works (most of it we can’t mention yet though haha!). But you can stay up to date with everything were up to at our website www.towhomitmay.net or at our Facebook.