Exclusive Q&A with Cinders

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When was that eureka moment you realized music was your calling?
Well I think all of us in the band have a legitimate fear of having a desk job. Sitting there on a computer 5 days a week. Music has always helped us to cope with our problems, emotions, situations, and gave us an identity. For me, my moment just kept happening every time I would play a gig. My first gig I just thought, well this is what I am going to do for a living, that’s settled.

How would you best describe your sound?
Our sound is like the perfect mixture of alternative, pop, acoustic, punk inspired, mom approved rock, with an edge. Our sound is definitely big, and emotional, and like a roller coaster.

What is the story behind your latest release?
A couple years ago we were like “well we better get started on our next album”. The goals we had with this album included some of the following: we want to have a super big sound, we want to yell a lot, we want to put more emotion into each song, we want to have fans and friends sing group vocals in tons of our songs, we want to have a lot of fun playing these songs live, and we want our music to help, encourage, and inspire others. Self produced, Looking Forward to Looking back has all our hearts in it.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
We really want our listeners to listen to an album and when they finish, they can come back to reality with a new perspective on life. We want them to feel and experience new things. We believe that music is divine and has great power. But we also just want them to have fun and have joy in life by being a part of Cinders.
Who are some of your dream collaborators?
Honestly we don’t really aspire to collaborate very much but if some of our favorite artists wanted to do something we would consider it.
Is there any possibility to tour in the future?
Yeah totally! We are getting ready for our Winter/Spring Tour in 2019. We are stoked to get back on the road and play in some of our favorite cities along the Western US. Touring is easily our favorite part of being in a band. We love seeing all of our friends and fans at every show!

Do you feel you have evolved musically?
Very much so. I think all bands do or should. If one album sounds just like another one, that’s kinda lame. Individually we should be progressing and so as a band we should be progressing. We expect our next album to have a big change and a little bit of a new feel just like our last one did.

Is there a sort of end game or biggest goal you hope to achieve musically?
For us we don’t have an end game, and we aren’t satisfied as a band. We are grateful for where we have came from and what we have achieved, but every point is just a stepping stone towards the bigger and better.

What advice you would you give to someone who wants to get into the music business?  
Make sure you have fun. There probably isn’t anybody making you be there. If you’re going to put your time, money, and effort into music give it your all