Exclusive Premiere: Saffell’s “Lay It On the Line”

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Moving seamlessly between songwriting, performing, producing, sound designing, mixing and live-looping, Saffell is a true modern renaissance man. With even more skills branching outside of music into carpentry, painting, visual art and more. Carpentry came into play when building his new loop pedal-board by hand, while also teaching himself soldering in the process. This interest in looping, synths and electronic music production led to a new sound that bloomed into Saffell’s new up-coming album “Lay It On The Line”

“When I was writing this song 2 years ago I had just decided to let go of my band, I pulled back from gigging and decided to try a whole new approach. I was going to build a recording studio, record and produce my own album. This was not an easy decision and required a lot of sacrifice as well a lot of internal letting go on my part. By investing so much time and energy with no guarantee of success it felt like I was “laying it on the line”.”