Exclusive Premiere: Rivita’s “Everyday is Beautiful”

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Hailing from the colorful escapades of India, Rivita is a New York based writer, producer and engineer. Her music is an exotic concoction of pop beats, eastern vibes, electronic synths and melodies written in the key of love. Through her music expresses her experiences as a world traveler, from backpacking in Spain, to climbing the Great Wall of China to recording musicians in South Africa, Rivita tells stories of the places she has been and the people she has met along the way. Being a true technician, Rivita has an extensive academic and research background in the field of composition, audio and ethnomusicology. While working as an audio engineer in South Africa in 2018, she launched her project “The Traveling Studio” which focuses on documenting music from places across the globe where there are no actual recording studios. Rivita is currently working on an EP for summer release.

“To me Everyday is Beautiful describes the joy that comes with walking in the direction of your dreams and living your purpose. I think if we wake up everyday with a plan and decide that this day is going to productive and wonderful then we can achieve anything. Music is my life and because of it, Everyday is Beautiful !”