Exclusive Premiere: Nathan Jurries’ “To The Forest”

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Nathan’s musical journey began as a founding member of American Slim, who released their full-length album, Irreplaceable, in 2017. This group, along with musical theatre in high school, allowed Nathan to expand upon his performance capabilities and showmanship. In the beginning of 2018, Nathan began using a loop station to create new songs and perform solo. Within a week, his performances already wowed listeners in various open mics and has since been performing in shows around Kansas City and beyond.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time camping. There is something healing about connecting with nature… looking up at the stars, breathing in fresh air, watching a campfire slowly decay… this song reflects my experience in the outdoors. My hope is that it will inspire others to appreciate earth, and to reflect on all the beauty that comes with it. This song was created after going on a road trip to Estes Park, Colorado with a good friend of mine. The drive through flat Kansas was hell, but the destination was well worth the travel. This tune was written, produced, and recorded by yours truly!”

Photo credit: the lovely, Julia Drummond