Exclusive Premiere: Anthony Dann “Bittersweet Lullaby”

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Anthony Dann is a Russian music producer, composer, and songwriter whose ingenuity and passion have both earned him the reputation as an internationally acclaimed musician. Over the course of his creative career, he has garnered extensive instrumental music experience as a composer and producer for film and television. As a song producer, the majority of the songs he has produced have been in the alternative pop and singer/songwriter genre.

Creating his first song at the age of 12, Anthony went on to perform his first English song just two years later and even won the grand prize at a Russian national art contest as well as various other prestigious awards. Diagnosed with a light form of Cerebral Palsy, he faced physical limitations along the way, which led to bullying. However, he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. Ultimately, music is what pushed him beyond his limits and healed him from his peers’ harsh criticisms. Years later, he had the opportunity to produce two remixes that appeared on Apple Music Connect Russia’s Top 15.

In addition to his extensive professional background and unwavering passion, Anthony has almost graduated from Ural State Pedagogical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Education. Being one of the top students, he decided to drop out on the final year to pursue the music career. He also studied filmmaking at Chelyabinsk State Institute of Arts.

When he isn’t composing music, Anthony Dann is an avid adventurer and eternal student of life.

“This song has a special place in my heart, literally. It happened, I dared to fall in love with a friend. Only when I wrote this song-letter, I finally realized what was going on. With a friend or not, falling in love is surreal and a bit scary. Everybody goes thru that in some form or another. It’s a lullaby that, I’m hoping with all of my heart, will help someone to overcome this bittersweet fear of uncertainty and dare to fall asleep, to fall in love, to say it out loud”.

“When this song started to sound in my head, I heard the magical voice of Georgie West, with whom I was pleased to collaborate sometime earlier. I also reached out to Idan Altman to ask for help with production. Bringing this song to life together with these brilliant musicians was outstanding. The song ended up better than I could ever imagine. Hopefully, just like this story connected us, it will connect the listeners”.