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German DJ/producer-duo, twocolors, have exceeded 330 million global streams in 2020 alone. They teamed up with Pia Mia for their latest single and we got the chance to talk with Pierro and Emil on it all.

First off, what are your favorite colors?
It’s always changing, but right now:
Pierro – neon green
Emil – dark blue

How did your collaboration with Pia Mia come about?
We wanted to create an EP with remixes and we were also looking for a female vocalist who would be down to do a duet version of Lovefool. Then Pierro had the idea to ask Pia Mia. She was absolutely in love with the song and it turned out great, so super cool.

Can we expect some more singles or an EP on the horizon?
We wrote over 15 new songs while in quarantine and the next 2 singles are nearly finished. There will definitely be more music and an EP from us in 2021.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
We wanna bring joy to people and have our listeners dance the night away, help them forget their worries, if just for a moment or a couple of minutes.

How would you best describe your sound?
A combination of driving electro and melodic pop.


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How do you manage to stay friends while being in a duo?
As we spend so much time together, it’s really become more of a family affair, rather than a business partnership. It’s all about good communication and not shying away from difficult conversations, plus our shared love for making music.

What do you think the future of live music is going to look like?
We’re hoping 2021 will bring more reliable and faster Covid 19 testing and a vaccine with a system that is in real-time, so that going to shows won’t be a health risk.

What do you suggest we watch/listen/read during quarantine?
Definitely listen to a lot of music, explore and discover, support the artists. We are currently watching a lot of 90s movies: The Fifth Element, Léon: The Professional, and Unbreakable.