Exclusive: Goodbye June on their new EP

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It’s time to say “Hello again” to Goodbye June, these rockers have anew EP coming out October 26!

Tell us about your new EP.
Secrets In The Sunset was recorded in Nashville. At the time we didn’t have a label or anyone to answer to, so it was completely from the heart and in the moment. Our producers Bobby Huff and Paul Moak’s only concern was making great rock music and having fun and I think you can hear it on the record.

We hear you had a pretty crazy two years involving babies and record labels and weddings (oh my!). Can we expect new music to reflect that?
Yeah, I think the new EP covers a wide range of emotions and the songs will definitely reflect that. We are excited to share this next chapter of music with all of our fans.

Where did the title “Secrets in the Sunset” come from?
It’s more of a “sign of the times” type of statement song. We felt a lot of people in today’s society feel as though their voice isn’t heard or well represented. Secrets is just another way of saying, “it will get better but it’s probably going to get worse first.”


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How did this tour with Greta Van Fleet come about?
We have known those guys for a good bit now and have always hit it off great with them, whether it’s playing shows or just hanging out. We love the GVF Fellas.

What can we expect the setlist to look like for the tour?
It’s going to be a mix between our last album Magic Valley and of course our new music from Secrets In The Sunset.

Any possibility for an LP in the near future or more singles?
I think that there is definitely a strong potential for all the above very soon.

How do you balance being cousins, friends and band mates?
With our eyes blindfolded and smoking a cigarette.

What do your other cousins and family think of your music?
They love it, at least that’s what they say to our faces 😉

Last one getting deep here: what do you hope fans feel when they listen to your music?
I hope they feel whatever the song pulls out of them. We write from real experiences. Whether that be from tragic experiences or beautiful ones. Honest music has been our number one goal from the start. The song is just a window for each listener to explore their inner selves and interpret how they see fit.

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