Exclusive: Dani Taylor’s ‘Girl Most Likely’ Acoustic Video + Interview

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Stage Right Secrets is thrilled to premiere Dani Taylor’s acoustic video for her latest single, “Girl Most Likely.” Prepare to be blown away by her intimate performance that showcases her impressive vocals.

You just released your debut single, Girl Most Likely…what kind of response did you receive?
I received a great response! My song has been out for almost a month and has 40,000 streams on it! And it got that many streams without being on any editorial playlists or the radio. A lot of my young fans on TikTok have enjoyed it as well. It’s so cool to see strangers making videos to your songs. 
What sparked the idea behind Girl Most Likely?
Girl Most Likely comes from the saying “most likely to” in high school yearbooks. I decided to do a spin on it by making the hook say “I’m nothin’ like you thought.” I think a lot of people pass judgment on others before actually getting to know them, so it’s a kind of way to say “I’m not who you think I am.” Also, the song is about how your outside image differs so much from your inner self. Lots of people have the whole world working against them but they keep fighting forward and I think it’s a really positive message for people out there who feel judged.
With your upcoming release of Man of Few Words, how was the creative process different from your first single?
Man of Few Words was written and recorded way before Girl Most Likely. So, it was completely different recording-wise between the two songs because of the pandemic. I wrote Girl Most Likely and all the songs on my upcoming EP based off of personal experiences. Man of Few Words was written solely from my imagination. I’ve never dated a man of few words. But it’s a very special song to me because I hope to find a man like that one day.

Dani Taylor is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter with honest and sassy lyrics accompanied by her breathtaking vocals. Taylor released her debut single, “Girl Most Likely,” on August 28. The track has already gained 39,000 Spotify streams. She made the move to Nashville from Arizona in 2018 to pursue her music career. 

“I want to be happy, and I want other people to be happy, even at their lowest,” she says of her music. “I want girls, the misunderstood, the underdogs, and anyone having a bad day or breakup to listen to my music and feel more empowered. I want people to go to my music to make them feel better. Through my music, I want to spread positivity and a healthier outlook on life and the future, for myself and for anyone who’s listening.”

On October 4, Dani will be featured as the Artist Spotlight on 650 AM WSM, the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry, leading up to the release of her sophomore single, “Man of Few Words,” on October 9.

Pre-save “Man of Few Words” HERE.

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