Exclusive: Betta Lemme Interview

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Congrats on your new single, how did you come to collaborate with Jesse and Danny?
Thank you! So happy PLAY is out in the world. I had asked my team to reach out to Danny. I’ve been a fan of his tracks and sets for a while. The writer game was new to me but when they mentioned Jesse Saint John, I was thrilled. I felt the combo could be combustive in the best possible way. Luckily we all had a day to get together and PLAY was born!

What makes a good collaborator?
Zero ego, knowing what makes the artist light up and pulling from that as much as possible. Also just having fun and being the most honest usually makes for a wonderful time.

How did the idea for the song initially come together?
We were discussing this party scene and I told the boys that I don’t usually go to parties. I feel like a shy version of a baby Madonna. But in the rare moments, I lock eyes with someone who sparks an interest in me, maybe I’ll play along and venture out into the dance floor. “But since you laid eyes on me…. I want to PLAY!” Jesse and Danny were so easy going and we really all whipped this one up so quickly because it came from a place of joy.

How involved were you in the creation of the music video?
I write and co0direct all of my music videos. From set design, lighting, everyone’s styling to directing scenes—- I really am involved with every single aspect and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What was your Coachella experience like? Were you able to catch any Coachella sets (if not, are there any artists you loved on the lineup)?
Coachella was much bigger than I had imaged in terms of acres and things to do and see across the grounds. Performing with Sofi Tukker on the track we wrote together was an absolute blast. I haven’t played my own show yet so to experience that with friends was something I’ll never forget. I loved watching Rosalia. She truly has an incredible voice and it’s a so nice to see traditional elements in her music be embraced on a global scale. I missed SOPHIE which made me quite sad as I keep missing every show of hers from London to Canada! Jinxed? Maybe. Hmm.. maybe one day I’ll just have to see her in a studio. J Balvin’s set was my FAVORITE. From music, energy, to visuals. We crossed paths backstage and that was a special moment. I’ve wanted to tell him how much I love his musical world for a while so it was nice to let that out.

We saw you introduce your Nonna on social media, will she be in anything you’re working on? (We noticed a green screen in the background)

OH SNAAAAP. I see you creeeeeeping. Yes. She’s totally making a little cameo… for what? You’ll have to stay tuned! My grandma pops in my mind with nearly every project. You can hear her as the intro to the first song on my 1st BAMBOLA EP. She’s very much involved in my life whether it’s giving advice, being a friend, or just my go-to for when I have a new song. She’s like a not so silent partner at this point, LOL

Does your family and Nonna support your music?
Very much so. There was a lot of hesitancy in the beginning as I’ve always been told “There’s no money in music. Nobody can make music for a living.” This is an idea I will continue to reject and it’s the same idea that made me pack a bag and move to NYC and give this world a shot.

Was there a moment when you realized you wanted to make music your career?

Yes. After being rejected from music school for not being able to read notes, I traveled, worked, was successful with other projects I became involved with but at the bottom of my heart there was this guilt. There was always a whisper in my mind of “what if” and I didn’t want the regret of not trying with music to consume me as time passed. So here we are.

What would a Betta Lemme tour consist of? 
Jumping. Laughing. Glitter everywhere. Crying by the piano together. Then back to jumping. Screaming your favorite song while holding your chest. Back to jumping. Maybe some surprise cameos….. lots of instruments and lots of joy. I love seeing people sing or connect with my music. Being able to witness that in person would either put a massive smile on my face or full on tears.

What else can fans expect from you this year?
Presence…. and some surprises.

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