Erin Grand Shines with Debut EP “Anything But Casual”

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Pop-country newcomer Erin Grand released her debut EP ANYTHING BUT CASUAL today – the project is now available on all digital platforms.

The five-track EP includes new focus track “Casual,” as well as previously released tunes, like the sultry, smooth “Mood”; carefree, quirky “Better With Wine”; “poignant and melancholy tune” (Sounds Like Nashville) “Lonely Does”; and latest release “Heartless,” which portrays the authentic power of being vulnerable.


“To the people who choose to press play – thank you for wanting to get to know me, thank you for wanting to listen to very small portions of my life and, most importantly, thank you for relating and sharing your stories back with me,” said Erin Grand. “Nothing is more rewarding than having something you’ve written and worked so unbelievably hard for connect with someone else from across the world. This project will be something I will never forget…This is just the start.”


1. Mood (Grand, Joey Ebach)
2. Heartless (Grand, Channing Krentz, Jonathan Krentz, Alex Kiel)
3. Lonely Does (Grand, Lance Carpenter, Alessandra Dunn)
4. Better With Wine (Grand, George Birge, Channing Krentz, Alex Kiel)
5. Casual (Grand, Cody Cooper, Alex Kiel)

Anything But Casual was produced by Alex Kiel, with vocals produced by Brad Hill, and all five debut tracks were co-penned by Erin Grand. The project exemplifies The Minnesota native’s distinct vocal tenor and strength, and candid (oftentimes witty) lyricism – the culmination of which continually merits new fans and positions her as one of the industry’s most promising talents.

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