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Stage Right Secrets caught up with Drama Relax to speak about his latest single and what he’s been up to during quarantine. Read our exclusive Q&A, below.

Congrats on “Ghost”! What went into creating the music video for the track?
Thank you! During quarantine I have been shooting a lot of music videos to stay active. My camera guy
Francis Films and I have just been scouting cool locations and open areas within Long Island / NYC that
are available to us. Although there hasn’t been much opportunities for locations due to COVID-19 we
have been making the best out of it.

Where were you when you were inspired to write the song?
The day I made the song I was feeling a little more aggressive than usual. I felt like I was becoming
distant from people in my life due to this virus, and I wanted to express I need to keep the people that
matter to me close.

Do you have a standout or favorite line off of it?
Yes, I do. My favorite line is “Gotta buy my momma crib, cause she love me most” this is my favorite
line because of the relationship I have with my mom. Her consistent encouragement motivates me to
succeed and inspires me to reach higher than expected goals for myself and my family.

We saw your Instagram post about the anniversary of “Splashin’.”  Did you approach songs differently
during your start?
No, I still have the same music process that I started with. During the time I made Splashin I was finding
myself and my flows within the music and figuring out how to make songs that are going to gain
attention of a wide scale range of people. That song particular has a special place in my heart because it
was the first song that has ever hit a million plays for me.

Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to make music your career?
Yes. The moment I realized I wanted to make music my career was, when I started seeing I was gaining
a fan base and that people were feeling really attached emotionally to my music. Having someone
contacting me and telling me that my music makes them feel inspired or happy is a big reason why I do

Quarantine has been an insane time for everyone, do you find it easier or harder to be creative?
Both. On one hand it gives me more time to focus on the things I need to focus on with my music career
but on the other hand it limits me to travel, limits me to interact socially, and prevents the ability to
experience new things, which does affect the creative process.

What have you been up to while in quarantine? 
Well one thing that I have been doing is, focusing on the safety of me and my family and making sure
the people I care about are safe and doing well. I have watched all Netflix shows that are popular, like
Outter banks and have gone back and watched some old comedy movies to get some laughs and
happiness during this time. I have been staying active by going on walks, bike rides and playing sports
that are within the safety guidelines of our current situation.

What music new music have you been listening to or rediscovered?
To be honest, I really have been listening to a lot of podcasts and radio shows. During this quarantine, I
have become a big Joe Rogan fan!! As far as music goes, anything that drops from a popular artist I will
check out, however I prefer listening to myself in the car just to critique and work on perfecting my

You’ve tweeted about features recently, are any currently in the works?
I can’t speak on any exact situations I have right now, but definitely working on big name features that I
hope will be revealed soon.

What makes a good collaborator for you?
Someone who is going to take a song and make it better. Also, someone who is going to take a song and
bring more attention to it in a positive way. Collaborations are about making good music and also doing
good business in my opinion.

What else can fans expect from you this year?
Fans can expect great music, great content and positive vibes. I plan to continue telling my story and
bringing light and happiness to my fans and anyone else that is tuned in to what I have going on. And I
wish for everyone’s safety and health during this time!!

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