EXCLUSIVE: DeathbyRomy Interview, How She Created ‘Love u – to Death’

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DeathbyRomy has debuted her highly anticipated EP, Love u – to Death, just weeks ago. The dark-pop songstress effortlessly blends pop, R&B, and rock into her own unique brand of music. The Los Angeles based songwriter has been hard at work creating music since she was just fifteen years old. See what she has to say about creating Love u – to Death, her captivating visuals, and what’s next.

Congrats on your album! What went into creating your stunning album cover?
The concept and meaning behind the whole project, Love u – to Death inspired the cover. I wanted something that was both beautiful and dark, for at times loving someone so much can be the death of your own being which I touch on throughout the project. Something so beautiful at times can take over and hurt.

What went into creating the tracklisting?
After I made “I Feel Like a God” and I realized the first line was “Welcome to my contraction” I knew it was the perfect way to start the project as the project speaks about the contracting aspects of love and how it can be so beautiful but so painful.

Was there a song that didn’t make the cut that you would have liked to see make it?
Yes! There were many actually that I would have loved to make the EP, but I was limited to making this 6 songs, and I plan for everyone to hear more when my LP drops next year.

Do you have a standout or favorite lyric off of it?
This is a really hard one, I truly believe this EP is my best work.

You worked with Doctor Rosen Rosen on the EP, how do you go about finding the right collaborators for you whether that be songwriters or producers?
Doctor Rosen actually reached out to me. At the time I was experimenting with a bunch of different producers, but no one clicked like Rosen did. We made “I Feel Like a God” on our very first session, and after that we were in 3-5 days a week working tirelessly.

Fans were thrilled when they saw the trailer you posted, can we expect any music videos from any of the tracks?
Yes, yes you can. The video for Problems will come out with the project, and you can expect at least one more before the year ends.

Your overall aesthetic and visuals seem to help to almost visualize your music, what role do visuals play with your music?
I am a very visual artist, I am very inspired by film and graphic novels. Personally I think attaching visuals to something that just exists sonically really helps bring my world to life.

I read that you had numerous musical inspirations from different genres of music, what was the music scene in LA like for you growing up?
Some of my first shows i ever went to around the age of 14 were small underground punk shows. Lots of warehouses and backyard moshpits – that really inspired my love for the grit of electric guitar which you can hear in songs like “I Feel Like a God.”

Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to have music as your career and full focus?
Yes. After I graduated on my own at 15, I realized there was nothing else I wanted to do with my life and I been working on making it my life ever since.

What made you begin to write music?
When I was 5 [years old] I was infatuated with Hannah Montana. I was gifted a Hannah Montana notebook and I just began writing songs on the school bus, and I just never stopped.


What’s the strangest place you’ve come up with an idea for or actually written a song?
Im often inspired to write songs on airplanes. Yea, that probably might be the strangest.

What can fans expect from you in the new year?
Lots and lots of music. xoxo

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