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Conor Oberst Upside Down Mountain Album Review!

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I first wanted to start off by saying that I fully recommend everyone to listen to this album.  Upside Down Mountain is Conor’s sixth studio album, his last album Outer South coming out in in 2009.  With a mix of rock’n’roll, folk, and the famous tremble of Oberst’s voice, he takes you through thirteen songs leaving you with a sense of satisfaction.  There is a common theme of guitar-twang which gives Oberst an influence of country to the album.
Throughout the album you can definitely hear influences from his solo work, the Mystic Valley Band, and Bright Eyes.  My only critique would be that each song sounds like a different project and doesn’t flow together as much as I thought it would.
My top choice would have to be Artifact #1.  A heartfelt melody about someone that got away with an almost Spanish sounding guitar backing the whole song. The lyrics aren’t complicated but Conor has a way in expressing simple words to connect with any listener.
Upside Down Mountain will be released May 20th, but you can listen to it on right now!