Chapell Releases New Song “Shout”

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Get ready to scream and SHOUT of joy because the band Chapell has just released a brand new track.

Frontman Alan Chapell shares: “A few years ago, a close friend was fired from her job after having been stabbed in the back by a coworker. Naturally, she was feeling down and was questioning her self-worth. Not to mention, she was angry about how it all went down. But rather than wallow in bitterness, she was able to turn that negative energy into something positive by starting her own business. It wasn’t easy, and took a few years (and more than a few failures) to find her footing. She now has a team of twelve working for her. Her story inspired me to write ‘Shout.’”

The track is off the band’s new album, CINCO, out April 24, 2020.