Cali Rodi Delivers Empowering New Single “Party Favor”

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Cali Rodi is a musical force who’s determined to carve her own path in a cutthroat industry. Her sound is like ear candy that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you hear it. She’s sweet and sassy but when you see her do what she does best, a fire ignites. Country legend Keith Urban recently caught the attention of the young bombshell and signed her under his publishing venture, BOOM. Since then, she’s been honing her craft and taking her time.

But as of today, November 17, Rodi is ready to light the fire inside of her and share it with the world with her empowering new single “Party Favor”. The track itself speaks a timeless message but is fitting for modern culture. “Party Favor” is an upbeat dance track about the pressure put on girls when they go out. It’s a very timely song for pop culture right now,” says Rodi.

“Party Favor” speaks volumes about who Rodi is an artist with a small touch of pop perfection. “Girls aren’t a party favor,” she sings in the chorus with her fiery sass, and indeed she’s right.Empowerment is laced all throughout the upbeat tune as Rodi wears her heart on her sleeve. If there were to be a follow-up song to Keith Urban’s “Female,” it would be this one.

Listen to Cali Rodi’s “Party Favor” below:

For more information on Cali Rodi, you can visit her website.

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