EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Alexx Interview

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Stage Right Secrets spoke with Brooke Alexx about her latest single, what she’s been up to in quarantine, and what’s on the horizon for this superstar in the making.

Congrats on “Stole My Heart”! How did the song come about?

Thank you!! Two years after breaking up with my first love, I wrote the song with
Chelsea Balan and Matt Harris because I felt like I was chasing that feeling with
new guys and was worried I might never find it again.

You finished the video while in quarantine, how did that work?

We shot half the video in January and were planning to complete it in March, but
then Coronavirus hit. My roommates stepped up and helped me grab the
remaining shots while in quarantine. I added an old film aesthetic to those
scenes since the camera quality was different.

The song truly hits you in the feels and is relatable to almost
everyone. What’s your go to song that makes you emotional that you
wish you wrote?

“Enchanted” by Taylor Swift will always tug at my
heartstrings. The production is immaculate and matches the song theme

What music have you been listening to while in quarantine?

Lennon Stella’s album and my Nashville friends’ new releases!

Have you learned any new skills/what have you been focusing your
time on?

I’m learning Japanese on Duolingo! Mainly been focusing on my
upcoming music though!

Do you find it easier or harder to gain inspiration for music during
this time?

Definitely harder. My songs are about my real life experiences and
life is kinda on hold right now.

What else can fans expect from you this year?

I’m dropping an acoustic version of “Stole My Heart” this Friday and then a few more songs for sure!
Possibly some merch!

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