Brett Young Self Titled EP Review

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Newcomer country crooner Brett Young has finally released his self-titled EP. The six song EP is giving listeners a pop/country vibe with a hint of a chill California influence making a sound for himself.

Young has said, “I want it to be real and honest, and I also want it to be relatable to a really wide age range.”

#SleepWithoutYou | Available Friday | #BrettYoungEP

Posted by Brett Young on Wednesday, February 10, 2016




After listening to the EP numerous times I began to realize how strategically each song was placed. The song order mainly focuses on the emotional rollercoaster you go through when you are in a relationship.

The first track “Sleep Without You” is not only perfect for getting its catchy chorus stuck in your head but is also a great debut single. This song is the phase of any relationship where you can’t get enough of each other; always wanting more.

“You Ain’t Here To Kiss Me” has acoustics that sets a darker mood explaining that love isn’t always enough leading to the break up you didn’t see coming. The picture created with his songwriting is undeniably brilliant.

“Left Side Of Leavin'” is everyone’s post-break up song. You’re in a dive bar drinking away all your worries and wanting what you can’t have. Thank you for saying exactly how everyone feels!

“In Case You Didn’t Know” slightly pulls at your heartstrings. The light, acoustically stripped down track shows an even more honest side to Brett.

“Like I Loved You” is my favorite up-tempo song on the EP. The songwriting intentionally calls out the other person in the relationship for never being fully committed. Finally, the emotional rollercoaster comes full circle.

The last track, “Beautiful Believer”, is a feel good song. For some reason I picture Brett singing in a meadow filled with flowers while strumming his guitar… This song perfectly ends the EP on a high note and perhaps foreshadowing a positive new relationship where inspiration is key.

Brett Young is the perfect release for Big Machine Label’s freshly signed artist.

Every song on Brett Young’s EP tells a distinct story, one of the most important traits, sometimes hard to come by but making him relatable. Fortunately for Young, being relatable is one reason why you have a long career in the music industry. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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