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Brett Steinberg ‘Age of Wonder’ Album Review

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Over the last five years, singer/songwriter Brett Steinberg has experienced huge milestones. Not only has his music been downloaded by over 1,500 people, but he’s opened for acts such as Cee Lo Green, Bruno Mars, and We The Kings.In his new album, ‘Age of Wonder’, which will be released on November 17, Steinberg channels musicians such as Coldplay and John Mayer in order to create a different sound.

The first three tracks, ‘Serendipity’, ‘Today is Beautiful’, and the title track ‘Age of Wonder’, all have a similar sound to some Coldplay and U2 songs you may love. The difference? Brett’s smooth and strong vocals make you want to listen to each one over and over. You might hear a little bit of Chris Martin esque vocals and melodies, but the John Mayer-like guitar riffs added in the backgrounds make it so hard to deny the soul behind this guys music.

The sound in next track, ‘Nothin’, switches up the feel of the album when more up beat rhythms are added to create more of an Ed Sheeran vibe. ‘So Much We Could Be’, continues the difference in sound when more keyboards are added. Think, Maroon 5’s hit, ‘This Love’, but a little slower and a different message. This song displays lyrics that talk about opening up your eyes, because you can be so much more than you think you can be. More soul is brought to the table with ‘In the Clouds’, with a piano and Steinberg’s vocals introducing the track, with the later addition of drums and guitars. Even a hint of reggae style guitar riffs are added to this song!

‘Broken Canvas’, reminds the listener that Brett isn’t just an incredible singer, but also knows how to write a really great song. “Can you see it too/ I must believe there’s more to see/ It’s a broken canvas, don’t throw it away”, implying that even if something is broken, it can be seen as something beautiful and should be looked at and admired. The next track, ‘Through My Arms’, brings back the synth and fast paced drums to create more of a Chris Martin feel to the song. The ninth track, ‘When The Ground Caves In’, allows Steinberg to showcase more vocal runs, leaving listeners saying “wow, this guy is a mix of everything.” This is my favorite track on the album, hands down.

Track 10, ‘We’re Not Done’, starts with a holiday feel of jingle bells in the background which is then joined by awesome synth melodies that make you nod your head along with the beat. The song keeps you interested by the constant change of fast and slow pace beats throughout the song. The final song, ‘Lions Den’, begins with sounds that make you feel as though you are actually entering a lions den! Then the song transforms into this beautiful piano based melody and adds backing vocals that will haunt you.

If you’ve never heard of Brett Steinberg, You DEFINITELY need to pick up this album. It’s a great introduction into the versatile artist that he really is. Pick up a digital copy of the album on November 17, that’s THIS MONDAY, here: