Breakout Artist Andrew Marshall Releases New Project ‘Growing Pains’

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Based out of Music City, singer-songwriter Andrew Marshall debuted first project since 2018. Over the course of a couple of years, Andrew showcases the vulnerability of finding himself and learning how to love in his songwriting.

The three tracks off his new EP, Growing Pains, are a journey from love to loss to lust; they cover some of the universal insecurities present in all relationships that lead to our own reluctance to let people in. You can download the new EP on digital platforms

“This release has a larger significance than anything else I’ve ever put out. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been working on some of this music for over two years at this point. It’s a testament to getting kicked to the ground and standing back up, over and over,” explains Andrew. “Sometimes I even felt like it wouldn’t ever be released. I know that the experiences I go through are all part of the human condition, so my goal has always been to express these struggles to let people know they are not alone. This is the music I’ve been meaning to make, the message I’ve been trying to send and I’ve been holding onto it for far too long.”

Marshall released his first sample of songs in 2018 with his acoustic EP titled, Letters From Lowell. The five tracks show an initial glimpse into Andrew’s mind as if he were singing right to you. His songs were featured on both college and local radio stations. Since that release, he has played for thousands of people at venues such as the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and The Blue Ocean Music Hall.

You can learn more about Andrew Marshall by visiting and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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