Newcomer Bradley Kim is “Drifting” in New Lofi Track

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Bradley Kim is back with his newest release, “drifting” – a stunning new Lofi-Track that you are sure to be hooked on.

The newest addition to ELITE comes after his “don’t” release. Bradley Kim is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter from Seattle, WA who discovered his passion for music in his late teenage years after a creative “promposal”. Growing up as a closeted athlete, his dream was to play football at the highest level possible, but he always feared his sexuality would prevent those dreams from coming to fruition. Despite the hardships he felt growing up, his athleticism earned him a Division 1 scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy for football where he played for two years but battled injuries that would inevitably end his career early.

“The song is aptly named in that it was my attempt at conveying the numb feeling you get when you’re going through the motions of the everyday monotony.  I wrote this at a point in time where life felt like it was both flying by and simultaneously at a standstill; I think the duality of emotions are a direct result of life not slowing down or accommodating for the austere living conditions COVID forced upon us yet remaining hopeful to return to some level of normalcy. I kind of just felt like I was drifting through life and so I wrote about it.” explains Bradley