Best Fashion of the Spice Girls

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In no particular order because we just couldn’t decide!



Their reunion tour in 2008 showed that the Spice Girls are still the number #1 girl group in our hearts! Metallic never looked so good!


Who remembers these iconic outfits? In case you need to jog your memory, these are the outfits their Barbie dolls were dressed in.




Explanation needed for this one…. Perfection.



Woman wearing power suits on the red carpet is always a risk we love. The Spice Girls rocked it, and surprised us all when they ditched their own personal style, showing up in matching white suits. Slay girls slay!



The Spice Girls just oozed girl power and we couldn’t agree more. They are one of the few girls groups that taught us it’s okay to be casual, rock pig tails, and be fierce females when need be and for that, we are ever grateful!


Now who thinks its time to go sing their songs at the top of their lungs because you can count us in!





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