Annalisa Embraces Freedom and Redemption in Sinceramente

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Italian songstress Annalisa has been dubbed as one of the “queens of pop” for years now, and her latest single, ‘Sinceramente,’ shows exactly why.

With her brand new single, the 39-year-old singer-songwriter and winner of the Global Force Award at the latest Billboard Women in Music, wants to prove that every woman has the right to claim their freedom in relationships and in life, too.

This song is the conclusion to a three-chapter story that started with the single “Bellissima” in September 2022, and that led the singer to conquer multiple goals, finally giving her the recognition she had deserved since the beginning of her career over a decade ago in 2011.

“Sinceramente” is a hymn to freedom as well as a call for the respect of personal boundaries and for redemption.

Annalisa took on the creative conceptualization for the music video herself, while the direction was entrusted to Giulio Rosati. Within the video, the pair managed to encompass Annalisa’s entire musical growth process, making it a perfect love letter to the many eras of the singer’s career.

The music video starts with the singer walking out of a hotel wearing a fiery red trench coat, and sporting wet hair and smudged makeup – symbolic of the sadness, crying, and destruction that come after a love delusion. With this look, the singer nods at the artwork for the first chapter of this trilogy, “Bellissima” (nb: “beautiful” in Italian), on which she’s wearing a similar fit. With the choice of clothing and the various references to the music video of said song, it’s like the singer is bringing it to life again.

As the drop of the first chorus hits, the settings switch to resemble those of “Mon Amour” (“my love” in French), the second chapter of the trilogy. The song, which represents the freedom of love, was described by the artist as “a revenge song against every discrimination.” In this part of the video, Annalisa is seen staring at her reflection in the mirror, now sporting the iconic black bob haircut she was wearing at the time of the release. The singer is captured wiping away the tears on her face and finally beginning her transformation. As the lyrics of “Sinceramente” go “Sto lasciando dei chiari di luna indietro, e tu non sei leggero, sinceramente,” (I’m leaving some moonlights behind, and you’re not light, sincerely,) her “Mon Amour” persona gets rid of the red trench coat, as if leaving her sadness behind.

The next persona to appear in the video is the one from the singer’s “Ragazza Sola” (“lonely girl” in Italian) music video, with her short-cut platinum blond hair. As hands try to get to her through the golden backdrop she’s leaning against, the “lonely girl” is seen standing her ground, indicating that although she had initially been abandoned, she “is no longer alone”, because she found her true self.

As the video comes to an end, a final version of Annalisa appears on the screen. This version of the singer shines and looks as determined and convinced as ever. Surrounded by people dressed entirely in black and wearing black veils, the “Sinceramente” (“sincerely”) persona seems to let go of the chokehold her demons had on her.

The singer, full of determination and now completely recovered from her initial heartbreak, wants to leave a clear message to herself and her next partner(s): if you let me have my space and you let me be myself, I’ll be “Sinceramente, Tua” (“Sincerely, yours”).

This analysis, based on the “Sinceramente” music video, shows how much women are willing and capable of using their voices to speak up and validate their feelings and thoughts. Annalisa’s latest album, E poi siamo finiti nel vortice, was critically acclaimed in Italy, and seen as a call for other female artists to take the scene back, in a country where men are seen as better and stronger in every field.

To reach a wider audience, Annalisa announced during the Sanremo 2024 press conference that she will be releasing a Spanish version of her hit single ‘Sinceramente’ soon.