Alt-Rock Band CANVAS Releases New Single “Jealousy”

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New York-based rock trio CANVAS recently released their rock anthem “Jealousy”.

With soaring vocals and driving guitars, CANVAS delivers a sound evoking modern rock legends like Muse and Mariana’s Trench. Living up to their experimental ways, CANVAS melds sounds of Western-roots rock and old-school funk on their new single. Lead singer Jerid Nowell’s vocals dance through steady guitars, a funky bass-line and triumphant trumpets in what many fans may deem a new sound for the trio.

Nowell explains, on writing the record: “Jealousy symbolizes the moment in our minds when we lose ourselves to the buried emotions that we tend to deny are there. It references the decisions we make at weak points in our lives that we know are less dignified, yet we make them anyway to regain any sense of control.”

CANVAS is an alt rock trio consisting of singer-songwriter Jerid Nowell, Billboard-charting producer and keyboardist Daniel Glavin, and drummer Jesse Rothman. CANVAS is committed to experimentalism, sonic diversity and exploration. They thrive in unchartered territory and hold no expectation for what their sound should or should not be. Their divergent roots (influenced by Bluegrass Folk, Punk/Metal and Hip Hop) have sparked a musical journey ranging from triumphant anthems to soulful ballads, and edgy fusions of alternative pop, rock and funk.

When describing their creative process, the band states: “Our approach is different for every song. We are focused on bending genres and blending electronic and acoustic production to achieve an ever-evolving hybrid sound. We believe nothing is certain, including creation.” CANVAS has built up a loyal fan base in New York City, and their music has been streamed over 250,000 times across platforms. Not only are they fantastic musicians, but they are also entrepreneurs, operating their own record label and recording studio Penthouse Studios. With their new single “Jealousy”, CANVAS lives up to their self-proclamation: Genreless, Timeless, and Relentless.

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